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People, TED's, Documentarys and clips, inspiring the WORLD PEACE ENGINE UI

Published onJan 08, 2019
People, TED's, Documentarys and clips, inspiring the WORLD PEACE ENGINE UI

These are the leading innovators, who inspired the WORLD PEACE ENGINE project.


YOU or/and YOUR TEAM's work or life dedication are NOW part of the WORLD PEACE ENGINE’s project WORLD PEACE GAME

Joi Ito and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) team
Dr. Seren Dalkiran and the Synergized Earth Network team
Ricken Patel and the Avaaz team
Brendon Iribe and the Oculus Rift team
Michael Buckwald and the Leap Motion team
Bruce Dell and the Euclideon Holographics team
the global Google team
Jen Fitzpatrick, Google Maps team
Marco Lambertini and the World Wildlife Fund team
Philip Rosedale and the Second Life team
Ira Chaleff, Intelligent Disobediance
the ChronoZoom team
Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and the Ocean Collectiv team
the CIVIL team, blockchained journalism
Tim Pool, Smartphone and Drone Journalism Revolution
the TED team
Eric Liu and the Citizen University team
Ray Dalio, idea meritocracy
Jordan Raynor and the Citizinvestor team
the Venus Project team
Joseph Redmon
Brian Robertson, Holocracy
Jack Hunter and the World Peace Game team

James Ehrlich and the ReGen Village team

Anand Agarawala and the Spatial team

Jennifer Lau and the getnoboundaries team

John Hunter: Teaching with the World Peace Game

The Role of Millennials in The Emerging Story of Our Time | Dr. Seren Dalkiran | TEDxSquareMile

How to get empowered, not overpowered, by AI | Max Tegmark

Alisa Miller: The news about the news

Ethan Zuckerman: How to listen to global voices

Disobedience in 2018


This is Professor Richard Wolff. He wants to democratize cooperations.

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